Komfort und Eleganz in Alba mitten im Gebiet der Langhe



In ten years Hotel Calissano is renowned for cleanliness and hygiene, reaching an average of 9.5 out of 10 in the various reviews, the Corona Virus has led us to continue even more in this commitment.

In addition to staff protective equipment and standard biosafety precautions, we are using cleaning and sanitizing products that include the use of common hospital disinfectants, such as ethanol or hydrogen peroxide which are verified to be effective against COVID19.

All furniture and equipment including remote control and telephone are daily sanitized as wardrobe, bathrooms and floors.

You can read the newspaper for free directly on your device, just connect to the wi-fi of the Hotel and download at the website: www.calissano-media.com

At the entrance in the lobby, bar and in your room you will find the sanitizing gel.
The breakfast buffet, another highlight of the Hotel Calissano, has been modified with the new rules and we provide most of single-portion products and tables with distances.


Das neue Hotel liegt ganz in der Nähe der zentralen Piazza M. Ferrero, die zu den schönsten Plätzen des Piemont gehört und auch „Salon von Alba“ genannt wird.
Alba ist eine römische und mittelalterliche Stadt, die jedes Jahr Tausende von Besuchern anlockt, dank der großartigenWeine, der exzellenten Küche und des intensiven Duftes des Weißen Alba-Trüffels.